B490 Fall 2012: Course Project

Taken together, this is worth 30% of your course grade!

Project ideas!


Due Thursday September 27

Project Ping

Due Tuesday October 30


(code and writeup are due the last day of class, 6 December)

Write some code. Have documentation so that somebody else (the instructors, or some other students) could run it too.

Here's the thing about the documentation: during the last week of the class, you're going to be given somebody else's project, with instructions. Points and glory deducted if they can't figure out how to run it. That would have been cool. But points and glory will be deducted if the instructors can't figure out how to run your project.


Make it look like a conference paper! This is a programming project, so the report can be pretty simple, maybe three or four single-spaced pages. It should have these parts.


Be ready to give a presentation on presentation day! We'll schedule these as we get closer.

(policies and some text adapted from Mike Gasser's b651 project page.)